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The Sea, the sea.

Newcastle-under- Lyme Borough Museum & Art Gallery.


14th May-10th Aug, 2011.

Hidden World

Within nature lies deep beauty, sometimes we become separated from this beauty by the technology that we immerse ourselves in throughout our everyday life. The ‘Hidden World’ series was created by using recycled computer parts, which serve as a reminder that we have a duty to look after the life forms that are affected by our demands on nature’s resources for technological advance.







"The sea has always influenced artists and makers. In landlocked Staffordshire this exhibition celebrates the sea through the eye of the artist. Paintings, ceramics, jewellery, and sculpture come together to represent the sea in all it's moods. Shoals of fish dart through the water, fishing boats bob in the harbour, shells glisten on the seabed. See the sea as you have never seen it before." (excerpt from the Borough Museum's promotional literature.)


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