Design //


Client: R&C Living Ltd.

Target: Retail Buying


Whist working in Manchester as in house Photographer/Graphic Designer I produced all photography and design for R&C Living Ltd.


With approximately 5,000 product lines constantly being updated to suit current trends I was a very busy lady to say the least. I was able to indulge with spot uv and metallic inks to really enhance the look of the promotional  material that I produced.

Brochures //

Brand & Mail Out //

The Brief:

Produce a modular range of printed material that can be updated and inserted into a ‘master collection’ as new artists take up their studio spaces and release new work. These modular components, when brought together as an updatable ‘book’ will form a master showcase that can be mailed to selected organisations interested in commissioning art or investing in the project. The individual components will

also be used independently to promote the works of artists or grouped selectively to appeal to a specific investor/commissioner. The response will help to improve the image of the city and to celebrate the creativity it holds, ultimately encouraging new commissions and investment into the project. The outcome will need to be versatile in that it needs to complement all artistic practises, including both performing

and visual arts. The response needs to be an object of aesthetic beauty and substance in order to convey a feeling of longevity in the project. A potential investors and commissioners need to feel secure that they are investing in a project that has substance and longevity.


Client: Spode ArtWorks.

Primary Target:

Art Buyers, Commercial and non commercial Galleries, Design Agencies. Businesses wishing to commission art.

Secondary Target:

Funding Bodies such as The Arts Council, The National Lottery, The Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Private Sector Investors.


Spode ArtWorks is a conceptual project produced for the current regeneration of the Spode Factory in Stoke-on- Trent.

Brand Identity //


Client:  North Staffs Orthotics Campaign


Primary Target:

Orthotic Service users including children their parents, carers and guardians.

Patient Care Trusts (PCT’s),

Patients Advisory Liaison Service (PALS),

North Staffs Carers Association and similar associations.

All ages, sexes, ethnic backgrounds.

People who can’t afford private health care for Orthoses.


Secondary Target:

Members of Parliament,

PHAB Physically Handicapped & Able Bodied and similar local groups,

The Special Adventure Playground,

Disability Solutions,

Patient Care Trusts (PCT’s)

Local and National Media,

Medical Professionals.

Logo Design //

The Brief:

Logo Design, Posters, Leaflets, Display Cards, Letterhead, Business Cards.


Client:  LBi

Target: Potential clients, Creative industry.


The Brief:

Use typography across any medium to explore the possibilities of meaning behind the LBi name.


Creative Challenge:

Agency acronyms can be dull and confusing. LBi stands for Lost Boys international, but what else could it stand for? Luxembourg Bowling institute? Little Beasties incorporated?


Packaging //

Experiments //


Client: Local Honey Producer

Target: Retail/Domestic


The Brief:

No special finishes.

Food Safe Label.



The concept must be easily transferred to packaging other than the jar sizes specified. This is in anticipation of the company expanding their product lines into to health & beauty and household consumables.


Client:  n/a

Target: n/a


The piece is inspired by the Bejing Olympics opening ceremony where performers demonstrated the invention of moveable type. This was a painstaking piece to make as  each individual compent is measured, hand cut, folded and fixed into place. Indeed it was hard work but definately worth it.


Client:  LPA

Target: Public


Design a poster to help the public to understand the invaluable benefits of mindfulness, a simple and modern form of meditation that alleviates stress.


Posters //


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